How To Keep Your Sanity While Planning a Wedding!



Incorporating just five minutes to your day to just unplug will decrease stress, increase happiness, & SLOW AGING. Yes ladies, time to eliminate the signs of wrinkles! I’m able to practice my meditation while by lighting a good ‘ole Bath & Body Works candle (Rose Water & Ivy is my go-to scent!) get the Dr. Teal's out, & taking a relaxing bath. Try to do 20-25 minutes if you can, especially if it's a detox bath. 

‘Calm’ was Apple's 2017 'App of the Year' - need I say more?! It has everything you need with guided meditations, relaxing music, & even sleep stories. What I have been able to take away is being able to focus on breathing, letting go of running thoughts, & finding peace. 

Forget having any bridal meltdowns because you’ll be able to tackle any situation when you start implementing this!

skni care.png

Establishing a day & night time skin care routine is like breathing. You need it to live girl! Our skin is the biggest organ, but yet it’s the one we can neglect the most. Invest in product, start getting facials/massages, & don’t be afraid to go to a Dermatologist. From experience, I didn’t want to seek professional help because I thought my horrible cystic acne would go away “eventually."

Yeah, NO. My bad. Sorry face for that terrible judgement call. 

This ties into getting great products that work specifically with your skin. Which will time!

Secret tip? If you can buy trial sizes, doooo it. Sephora does a great job & offering quite a bit of mini’s.  then you can spend a fraction of the price to make sure you like the smell, texture, & it works for your skin!

Start establishing monthly facials & massages. This may mean giving up some Starbucks allowance or not buying those cute $100 jeans. Girl, I feel you. BUT you will see the benefits from investing in prevention!! You. Have. To. Start. Now. Your skin will thank you by glowing all the time & you'll be flawless walking down the aisle! 

I stumbled across 'YouCam MakeUp' which will literally take a picture of your face & give you your real skin age. It points out wrinkles, texture, dark spots, & dark circles. You can log pictures to track your process with your skin over time. Cuh-razy! 


Elle knows...

Can we all agree finding the perfect fitness groove & diet habits is never ending?! Since both totally vary person to person, you know what works best for your own body! But I do have to share p.volve. Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential had him on a podcast recently & he had me at “Victoria’s Secret models.”

Oh yeah, you read that right. He trains those lovely ladies AND he emphasizes moves that specially target your booty. What sets it apart from other options is... ready?! It doesn't involve doing five hundred and seventy three squats, dead lifts, & lunges. It's all about keeping those muscles guessing! 

These workouts are steaming which means you don’t have to leave your house. A free trial is available & if you try it, please let me know how you like it!!


'Poshmark' is a girl’s best friend when it comes to selling their closet. I’ve had a lot of success with eliminating my “it still has tags on it, but I’ll wear it someday” items. Pshhh! Who am I kidding? If those purchases frustrate you as much as me, it’s time to pass it on. 

Encircled is a clothing company that lives by "be more with less." I felt refreshed just readying that one small motto. They developed "The Minimalist Wardrobe Workbook" was the jump start I needed with getting out of the clutter! I HIGHLY recommend signing up for their newsletter & snagging if you're ready to have a more curated closet!!

Minimalism doesn't have to be restricted to just your closet. Start evaluating everything around you. "Do you really need it?" The best test is while you're out running errands, don't buy anything for you, your home, etc. You will start to be more intentional about your purchases & that will translate into what you need vs. what you want!


Necessity, so make those 7-8 hours a goal! ‘Pillow’ is a newer app which tracks the quality of your sleep throughout the night. When you wake up, you have a detailed report that shows with categories & how much you received of each. There's a colorful graph that goes with it! 

Next is one of my absolute favs that I've had for yeeears. The app ‘Rain Rain’ has never let me down & helps my zzz’s be soothing. I do a mix of Missisippi at Night, Ocean Waves, and Thunder Cracks. It reminds me of falling asleep in the south at my Grandma’s house or while being on beach vacations! 

My other two must-have's before I head off to dream is my humidifier & essential oil diffuser. If I had to pick oily, combination, or dry for my skin, it would be none. I'm pretty sure the desert has more moisture than my cheeks! The humidifier has brought more life back into my skin so I'm not waking up dehydrated. It also helps reduce your risk for catching the nasty cold & flu bug that has been extra terrible this year. Plus, breathing air from a humidifier just feels so clean

Dottera's Breathe, Serenity, Vetiver, & Lavender is pure bliss. I'll use a combination of all of them, or switch it up with two at a time depending on my mood. The therapeutic benefits of essential oils are endless!! If you have a hard time sleeping, you will feel a greater sense of relaxation incorporating these into your routine. I'm a BIG scents girl,  

there ya have it! 

You'll be #BrideGoals in no time girl! 

Did you enjoy this week's Tip & Tricks Tuesday? Let me know in the comments below if you download any of these Apps & what you love for self-care!!