Tricks To Wash Your Hair Every 2 Weeks

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Brides, do you find it frustrating to wash your hair ALL the time?! With my long locks, I just don’t got time for that. I just checked my receipt to see when I bought my shampoo & condition from V Boutique - October 14th! Which meeeeans in the past 6 months I’ve used HALF of two, 10oz. bottles. Let’s dive into my routine for #TipsAndTricksTuesday - your hair deserves less damage & more radiance before your wedding!



▸┇ BEAT THE HEAT WITH AIR DRYING - Investing in an Aquis Lisse Luxe Long  Hair Towel is really the first step for your hair to thoroughly "THANK YOU GIRLLL!" It is much more gentle on your hair than using a plain 'ole Target bath towel. Plus they are so heavy. Having a lot of hair, it add's even more weight. No thanks! Keep that baby on for a few hours while you Netflix, clean the house, or cook! When I wash my hair, I do night showers (even though I mostly shower at night) 

▸┇ WARM, NOT HOT - If any of your tools are above 350 degrees, your to-do list is to go home & turn those suckers downnn! Since most ladies have color-treated & processed hair, using the highest setting, which is usually, 420 should be illegal. Seriously! Make sure you are using a heat protectant to protect your luscious locks. My personal favorite is Ken. I have fine hair, but a lot of it. When I'm wanting those beachy waves, this product gives my hair the shine, color & heat protection while locking in my style. The worst is when your curls fall after an hour! 

▸┇ HAIRSTYLES FOR MILES - If there is ANYONE that loves wearing their hair down, it's me. However, I've noticed my hair doesn't stay clean as long doing it multiple days in a row. With all environmental factors living in a town that has the most intense wind spells, it can add even more damage. That means dust, dirt, etc. finds it's way to my scalp while I'm running from the parking lot to meet my girls for Happy Hour! Now my hair is greasy & dull within a matter of minutes. 


Experimenting with different hairstyles gives you more creativity with your look & allows you to find another type of confidence. My favorites are the sleek (but messy) top knot, french braids, & half up for days that I still like some length! Being able to incorporate more of these in your day to day routine is going to make your hair last longer. You won't be touching your hair, pushing your front layers out of your face, or looking for split ends (guilty of all).