How A Certified Wedding Planner Can Serve Your Budget!

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You may think that free 12-month checklist you downloaded or ripped out of a bridal magazine has it covered.

What if I told you that it only lightly sprinkles over about 20% of what is actually involved?

When I was Certified in March from The Bridal Society, it took all of two seconds into the class that this was the best decision for my career. You can never learn too much (sounds silly even typing it!) & I value continuing education. This isn’t something I’m doing as a hobby or started because I did one wedding & decided that defined me as a “professional’ from that day forward.

I chose to put in the hours.

I chose to put in the money.

I chose to invest. Which means I can invest in YOU  wholeheartedly.

The day a marriage starts is beautiful, loving, magical, with dancing to old-school hits in-between. But breaking a serious sweat aside, it’s also something that I take VERY seriously. The behind the scenes of making a wedding come to life does not happen overnight! Or I totally would be out of a career right now. I am attending the School of Styling in July 2019 & also working towards strengthening my Styling & Design background.

Your Dollas Will Be Spent Wisely

I think we can all relate going into Target just needing a few things, then the total comes out to $107.33. Obviously grabbing those bags & happily running out the door is what typically happens, but then there’s those instances where you second guess if you REALLY needed it. What if you budgeted before you went to make sure the items in your cart gave you the most value?

The flowers, the venue, the dress - it adds up all too quickly! Pinterest gives us all the feels when it comes to what we envision of perfection, but spending your savings on table decor alone probably wasn’t what you had in mind. This is where I can step in to educate realistic expectations that will cohesively relate with your budget. Whether it’s cutting the guest count down or re-looking at food/alcohol adjustments, there are many options to allow your budget to go as far as it can go. Plus there are about three categories every couple look at as priority - it’s all about compromise!

You Don’t Have To Add Another Job To Your Resume

Short and sweet - It can take anywhere from 100 to 250 hours on average for time spent planning a wedding. Yep, those are zero’s on the end! Between school, your job, taking care of your sweet dog (or cat), date nights with your fiance, you’re basically ready for bed by the end of the day. Self-care & mental health is so important girl! Allowing me to step in will give you back precious time you value to soak in being engaged. You can have a life outside the wedding festivities!

Collaborating With Reputable Preferred Vendors

It can get overwhelming over time keeping up with phone calls, emails, etc. when it comes to nailing down decisions. You barely have time to text your closest friends back in a group message right?! As a Certified Wedding Planner, I provide a Preferred Vendor List to narrow down options & ensure quality & service for your wedding day. This eliminates hours of searching for your ideal dream team!

Working with Preferred Vendors that I have established relationships with allows me to have efficient communication moving forward handling the day to day. Attending vendor appointments that extra support for you & your fiance which gives me the opportunity to answer any questions along with proper negotiations.

more time for champagne!

You, your fiance & all of your guests deserve to have a day that is full of life, minimal stress, & pure bliss. Those little moments are so, so important. Whether it's selfies with your bridesmaid while getting ready or being present in those last few minutes walking up to your fiance for the first look, it's all about feeling emotion. Any discrepancies, last minute changes, calls to vendors, etc. should be off handed off on your wedding day so you're not trying to put a fire with those beautiful heels you're wearing! 

(Plus, do you really want your parents to frizzle-out trying to control the ENTIRE timeline of the day? No was rosè!) 

Styling your aisle dreams shouldn't consist of just 20% of the package. A Certified Wedding Planner serves your budget with immense purpose! Every bride deserves a wonderful, go-getting, creative gal by her side making sure all the details are taken care of every step of the way. I'd love to talk to you on how you can be the best glam bride ever!! 

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