Time To Glow: Sunless Tanning

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LET’S GET TO IT! Sunless tanning. All the rage. Who doesn't want to look like a stick of dynamite in the middle of July?! It’s the middle of summer so I figured this is the time when you’re re-uping on your next buy. So many brands, not enough money in the bank account to try them all. I feel like I’ve had my rounds with finding the best ones & I’m here to share my top three. Not to mention these are all available at Target!!!

Tanologist: Face + Body Drops
Oh ya girl. You need these in your life. The two Target’s where I live are currently sold out & I bought the last bottle a few weeks ago when I was in. They are totally worth the hype! I have a little secret on how to make the most of this clear goodness. Mix it into your lotion! You’re probably like “DUH!” but a lot of people seems to just put the drops straight on the skin. Just don’t. I use CereVe & put 2-3 drops each time I scoop some of the lotion into my hand. Mix it with your palms & just start rubbing yourself down!! It is thee most golden, natural tan ever. Stepping of a boat in the Tropics kind-of beautiful.

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Water Moose
I was using this religiously until I found Tanologist. It’s a CLEAR foam. You don’t have to worry about it getting all over your countertops, your nice marble floors, or on your clothes. There’s been a few times where I got too excited while applying & it landed on the floor. NO STAINS. Hallelujah!! I never even needed to use a mitt with this fabulously engineered formula! Plus it’s a coconut scent which makes it ten times better!! Made with Vitamin E, it feels super smooth on the skin. This is more for gradual use, so you’ll notice it after 2-3 applications. It also passes applying on the face approval as well, no break-outs.

Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun: Deep Bronze
Okay Deep Bronze, I see you. This for suuure lives up to the name. Another sister-item is the Ultra Deep Tahiti Tan. Which whoaaaa. YES PLEASE. The results develop in just a few hours — clearly a bonus with this one. Downfall is you have to use a mitt, but whatevs. Gotta do what you gotta do for being a bronze goddess!! No streaking & with my cystic acne prone skin, I always take the risk of putting it on my face to see how it reacts. Happy to report no issues which is glorious. This & the L’Oreal Sublime are honestly tied for me. Just decide if you don’t mind a gradual tan or giving up the coconut-tee smell.

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